Benzino Responds To Eminem Diss Track

This is supposedly ’s response to for his recently released response to his own diss track. “Em is soft, always has, always will be. I never had any security in my life, not one. We was in Puerto Rico and his punk ass wouldn’t even come to the hotel. So thats like a little kid or a little spoiled brat that can’t have his way. But at the end of the day, the bottom line is that this kid is sucking out the streets. And remember, when Eminem was birthed, he was birthed thru MTV, and hip hop, and with the way MTV treated hip hop back then, it was like a pimp messing with a chick. So they was prostituting hip hop, and then they had a baby with hip hop, and here comes Eminem.”

“And the bottom line is that he’s the beginning of the end to a lot of dudes in the streets. So it wasnt a situation about lyrics cuz everything he says aint real. Of course you gonna sit back to some of the sh** he says and draw an emotion or two, but at the end of the day, he’s never touched the streets, he doesnt understand the streets, he’s not from the streets. So when dudes look back and be like ‘Why you dissing Eminem?’, at the same breath they’re like ‘How come I cant get on right now?’. It’s bigger than Eminem. He’s just a tool and a puppet, and his peoples know that.”

“They’ll be more Eminems popping up. You gotta look at the Billboards and see whats going on. Look at Justin Timberlake and the whole 9. And this aint about racism, cuz I aint ignorant like that. Bottom line is that they strip from our culture, and then they just throw us away. Hip hop’s all screwed up now.”

“And as far as this fight game, yo I’ll smash him. I can’t talk much about this sh** on the radio cause its real out here. He said too much about me in that rhyme. He dont know me, he dont know anything about what I do. It’s just the urban legend in him that he’s heard. But this sh** ain’t about me. Fu** Ray Dog, fu** Benzino, you aint gotta like me. This is about hip hop and our culture and these dudes stealing from us. I just rep the streets and the people. But you can best believe that I’ll have something coming for him. You’ll see.”

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One thought on “Benzino Responds To Eminem Diss Track

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Eminem Will Kick Benz Out Of Town Em Will Knock Him Out,

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