Beyonce Deals With Press Over Secretive Jay-Z Romance

Ray Rogers of the New York Daily News spoke with Beyonce Knowles about her recent trip to the South of France with . “I just got back from vacation last night. It was different from last year,” she said with a quiet, knowing laugh. “A little more press. A little more cameras. Which is … it is what it is. I still enjoyed myself. The water was great. It’s weird and it’s hard to relax. But I don’t do anything I wouldn’t do because of [the paparazzi]. I can’t let them control my life.” As for her relationship with Jay-Z, the Destiny’s Child star simply wouldn’t address it. “I’m not gonna talk about anything that’s private to me,” she said. “I’ve always been a private person. When I was at school I didn’t tell people I was in a group. Not because I was ashamed of it, just because I’m private. Even more so in my relationships. I’ll tell my friends, but I just don’t feel comfortable telling the whole world.”

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