Beyonce Knowles Denies Dating Eminem

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles on reports that linked her to rapper . “No, I never dated Eminem,” she said. “I said hi to him at a party. People make small things seem bigger than they are.”

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9 thoughts on “Beyonce Knowles Denies Dating Eminem

  1. alice shiminay says:

    I think that this is stupid…. in the song that Beyonce made its saying that Eminem want her but can’t have her… but she’s just saying that because she don’t want people to know that they ever went together… It’s retarded! And in the song that Eminem made he’s saying how he has evidence that they went together…and he said that he will release every single bit of evidence he has. And I believe him I mean why else would he say it if I wasn’t true? I mean come on now..they went together for a good 6 months or so…. and they did it one time…. but still I mean seriously I think that Beyonce need to shut up and start telling the truth because everything is about to backfire on her….

  2. Dorene says:

    To the idiot who posted Alice Shiminay,

    First of all things the song is a diss to Mariah Carey. Secondly listen to Mariah Carey’s
    “obsession” Then listen to ‘the Warning’ by Eminem. It is for Mariah he even said her name in the song. So best bet to you is to not post anywhere for a long time. Good thing Jay doesn’t see this ridiculous post because Eminem is on his team and they rap together. So…That being said. You’re an idiot.

  3. Fatme says:

    I think you should just leave then in peace and take out your big nose. Also I am a fan of Beyonce.
    how would you like it if people were putting their nose in your business so mind your own business.

  4. moloko says:

    This is so stupid, who cares who they both dated. Personal opinion, I don’t think they did. But as I said who cares?

  5. ojay says:

    Alice you are a fool… You need to stop posting whatever you hear when you are drunk…like Dorene said don’t post anywhere for a long time or in fact for the rest of your life

  6. pammie roberts says:

    Eminem and Beyonce make a very cute couple Beyonce and Jay Z no!!! Jay Z is so ugly and does not deserve Beyonce:( Beyonce and Eminem ja!
    Love that couple

  7. lily says:

    first of all, moloko, if “who cares” then why are you posting? you obviously took the time to read this article and cared enough to post. I post because what you wrote is silly and contradicts yourself.

    And ojay, it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH “You fool”. So, just because they’re wrong and you’re such big fans of whoever doesn’t mean for such bashing.

  8. elton says:

    I don’t belive what they say bt I know it s a real thing to happen

  9. Thandaza (Tee) says:

    Eminem once dated Beyonce he even mentions her name in the song love game on the album mmlp2 , so whether you are a fan of hers or not you cannot change the truth , and what’s the big deal even if they dated each ada? N besides Eminem z much cuter than Jay z is !

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