Big B Finished With New Album

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@hooliganbigb) on Thursday (December 11), with news on a follow-up to his 2007 album ‘More to Hate’. The Las Vegas rapper tells readers:

Well I did it! My new album is completely finished. I spent the last few months hiding out in sunset beach recording almost every day. What I ended up with Is an album with 18 Banging tracks.. Suburban noize has set a March 10th release date. The Title of the New album is “AMERICAN UNDERDOG”. Over the next few months we will be doing tons of promo and give you more info. I promise my REAL fans will not be disappointed. This is an album I’ve been waiting to make for a long time. I’m super pumped on the finished product and just want to thank everyone that helped make this album possible. You can definitely hear all the hard work and time that everyone put in to it.

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