Big Boy’s Breakfast With 50 Cent & G-Unit

Contributed Anonymously:

Big Boy’s Neighborhood (Power 106) had another one of their famous breakfasts and this time it was with none other than the . The G-Unit was joined by Big Boy, Fuzzy, Joe, and Liz for the “intimate” interview. 50 lucky fans (the number had to be brought up due to demands, the usual number of tickets given aways is 20) won tickets by calling up the radio station and answering trivia questions to be in studio for the breakfast with G-Unit.

As usual, the interview inlcuded alot of joking, laughing, and not to mention free doughnuts courtesy of Big Boy. Of course, the fans got to ask questions, take pictures, and get autographs. Even thought the majority of the fans in the studio were males, the females made their presence felt by asking sexually explicit questions, which made all the males in the room roar out in laughter and shock, but of course, there were all sorts of questions by every fan in the room.

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