Big Year For Dallas Hip Hop Fueld By D-Town Boogie

The Dallas Observer is taking a look at how Dallas is stepping up in the national hip-hop scene with a few pretty similar club dance hits like Lil Wil’s ‘My Dougie’, Lil Shine’s ‘Check Out My Lean’, and Fat Pimp’s ‘Rack Daddy’. “The boogie’s basically a whole combination, like a gumbo,” Lil Wil tells Pete Freedman. “Now, for you to be boogying, you have to combine the Rack Daddy and the Dougie, I think. It’s always been around, but the Dougie and the Rack Daddy just stamped it. We put our own spin on it. That was all around the same time. We all gave it the same D-Town sound and rhythm.” Read more.

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One thought on “Big Year For Dallas Hip Hop Fueld By D-Town Boogie

  1. green room productions says:

    It’s great that Dallas hip-hop artists are breaking out on a National level. Hopefully we will be able to capitalize on the recognition and have more artists break out. Sure would be nice to be out of the shadow of Houston.

    Jeremy Smith

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