Biggie Was A Mama’s Boy Rapper, Not A Killer

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal spoke with author Cathy Scott, an expert on the 1996 slaying of rapper in Las Vegas, who says she doesn’t buy the story Chuck Philips of the Los Angeles Times is telling saying that promised $1 million to have Shakur killed. “It didn’t happen that way. Biggie was a rapper, not a killer, and he was a mama’s boy and not the thug Tupac was,” said Scott. “Biggie was accused early on, so that’s nothing new… I interviewed Biggie’s mother several times at length. She said Biggie was at her New Jersey house the next morning and cried when he heard Tupac was shot.” She added, “It would have taken guts to point a finger at Sean (P Diddy) Combs, Biggie’s record producer.”

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2 thoughts on “Biggie Was A Mama’s Boy Rapper, Not A Killer

  1. trey says:

    I think Biggie was good but 2pac was better. Biggie could not fu** with Pac

  2. c says:

    > Biggie could not fu** with Pac

    I honestly don’t see how anyone that compares them objectively can think that Biggie was better than Tupac. And I think Ready to Die is still one of the best rap albums ever made. All Eyez on Me alone is better than everything Biggie ever did combined. ihmo

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