Biggie’s Mom Dismisses Lil’ Kim

Contributed by forever-madd:

In a recent interview, Voletta Wallace aired out her feelings on Lil Kim, who made the shocking allegations that the abused her and urged her to have an abortion. “All this stuff, black eyes, pulling guns.. that’s a bit much,” Ms. Wallace said. “If my son had pulled a gun on Lil Kim, I wish he would have blown her brains out.”

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One thought on “Biggie’s Mom Dismisses Lil’ Kim

  1. Sasha L says:

    Violetta Wallace is an idiot-Lil Kim wasn’t responsible for her son’s death; I can’t say the same for his phony crackhead wife Faith. As a trick baby, one thing my father taught me is ALL women are hos-some are honest, and some like Faith are frauds. I don’t care what anyone says about Kim, I love her as a sister and I can relate to her. I can’t say that for his Church ho wife.

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