Bill O’Reilly Debates Eminem With Dr. Joy Browne

Bill O’Reilly was furious after won Favorite Male Performer Sunday night at the People’s Choice Awards and how he has been embraced and praised in the mainstream. He had Dr. Joy Browne on the O’Reilly Factor on Monday night to discuss the rapper. Read on for a rough transcript.

Bill: In the “back of the book” segment tonight, as we mentioned
athe top of the progm, following the lifestyle of rapper eminem, is a likely
ticket to poverty and perhaps incarceration. The man himself has a couple
of weapons convictions. But last night at the people’s choice awards, eminem
won for favorite male performer. He wouldn’t show up. I guess they wouldn’t
let him in with a gun. He is also nominated for a bunch of grammy awards
and golden globe. The 28-year-old has now achieved respectability among
the elite media and many american consumers, despite the crude and anti-social
messages he puts out. With us now, psychologist dr. Joy browne, heard on
my radio stations across the country, and the author of the book “getting
unstuck.” The problem here, I call it poverty inducing entertainment, because
people who don’t have a lot in parental guidance and all of that are influenced
not only by eminem but rappers and pernicious stuff going on. If they adopt
that lifestyle, they will ner be successful. This guy is 1 in 20 million.
Why is the media not refusing to enter any judgments at all about this
quality of entertainment?

Joy: Right. Cai acusaittle t before answer your question? Is there such
a thing as poverty-inducing music? Do you really believe that the music
you listen to is going to determine your lifestyle?

Bill: No. It’s the message of the music. The message of the music when
I was a kid was motown, it was love songs, it was snappy melodies. And
it had nothing to do with whether you were going to be poor or rich. The
music hashanged now, where by the lyrics basically put forth a point of
view that I believe is destructive.

Joy: I’m not defending his lyrics. But I think you might be a little
hard-pressed to defend some of the rolling stones lyrics, some of elvis’
lawyerics even some of motown’s lawyerics.

Bill: Nothing on the scale of this stuff, nothing.

Joy: I don’t disagree with you completely. Although “louie louie” was

Joy: That’s immature stuff.

Joy: Every jentration tried to find something to drive the older generation
nuts. He achieved that. Why is the media not taking off on that, they used
to. But he’s enormously successful which doesn’t mean they shouldn’t but
you know and I know success breeds success.

Bill: You’re saying basically that the media are a bunch of wimps and
once somebody becomes successful, they’re going to put the stamp of approval
on because money is all that matters?

Joy: Yes, but this isn’t a new theory. With we can look at a whole bunch
of people and say are these people successful or media creations and we
can agree with a few exceptions, the media determines who will be famous.
That has nothing to do with having talent. Having said that, did you see
“8 mile?”

Bill: I did N. I will not give him my $10.

Joy: Part of what I do, I review movies. I thought the movie stunk.
However, he is mesmerizing.

Joy: All that means is he has a talent.

Bill: No one is saying the man isn’t talented.

Joy: What is your specific concern then

Bill: My specific concern is this, let’s go back to the statement that
every generation tries to wrangle their parents or whatever. Now, that’s
like comparing smoking on the bus 20 years ago to having oral sex on the
bus, which is what they did last month in massachusetts, okay. There’s
a matter of degree. We have reached —

Joy: Which is worse?

Bill: Which is worse? You’re the doctor. We reached critical mass in
this country. We’re now we hav influences like eminem, rappers, things
like that, that are so anti-social, and so harmful to people without strong
parents, to people who are weak characters, to people who are confused
about life, that they can actually drive these people into committing anti-social
acts which will then make sure that they’re poor forever. Ly give you an
example. Tattoos — tattoos, you see kids all over the place with tattoos.
You go into ibm, wanting a job with a tattoo on your neck, you’re not getting
that job. That’s just a small example of how this kind of behavior can
limit you in an economic way.

Joy: First of all, there are people in my health club who work for ibm
who have tattoos.

Bill: Not on their neck or their hands, no way.

Joy: First of all, on their .

Bill: Can’t see it.You have a ring nose, an eye pierce, you’re not going
to be hired by straight society, period, that’s it.

Joy: You might be hired at apple, which may be hiring — or microsoft.

Bill: Doctor, you know what I’m talking about here.

Joy: I think you’re exaggerating the point. You can give me the glare
and it won’t work. Let’s go back to the issue somehow — first of all,
I would would argue not having parents will end you up in jail, I don’t
think that’s necessarily true

Bill: The risk factor is way higher and you know it.

Joy: Let me tell you one thing. I talked with an 11-year-old by eminem.
I was curious. I knew I was coming on the show. I grabbed an 11-year-old,
not mine, I said, why do you like eminem? Little girl said, I think he’s
cool because he came from a tough background. He stays involves with his
3-year-old daughter. At one point he was a bad guy. Now he’s a good guy.
Bill, that’s your point.

Bill: Here’s my point. I talked to fifth grade teachers where this
11-year-old girl goes to school and the fifth grade teachers say the 11-year-old
boys are calling 11-year-old girls pitches and hos. Why do you think they’re
doing this? Because they lis to no. They’re doing it because they listen
to this guy. That kind fd behavior will put them back forever.

Joy: I’m not sure sticks and stones break the bones. Do I agree with
the lyrics? No. Bill, you and I spent 10 minutes talking about him, which
in fact will make him more famous.

Bill: That’s not the point. We have to draw lines and have boundaries
and we don’t have them in this society at all. Thanks, doctor. Nice to
see you

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