Bill O’Reilly Says Eminem Sells Degenerate Behavior

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News launched his new website and has also just put out another attack article on hip hop, this time with in his sights. “Any way you slice it, Marshall Mathers sells degenerate behavior to kids. The entertainment industry, long devoid of any social conscience whatsoever, provides Mathers with cover and calls him a creative genius and a sensitive soul,” he blasts. “Students of history will remember they called Caligula that once as well. The problem I have is that the regular folks, people with kids, have not risen up and scorned Eminem and his enablers. I mean Ed Sullivan almost broke a blood vessel when Elvis swiveled his hips on Sullivan’s Sunday night TV program. Now, Marshall Mathers can threaten to kill his mother and we Americans just shrug. What has happened to us?” Read more.

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