Bill O’Reilly Unleashes On Eminem

Last night The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News had host Bill O’Reilly laying into for using his daughter on the track ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’. O’Reilly had on writer Keith Murphy who said the only reason people are paying so much attention to Eminem is because he’s white. O’Reilly said he’s concerned about Hailie participating in the obscene track thinking that he’s corrupting the child. Read on for a transcript.

Bill: Tonight, protecting children, the controversial rapper Eminem
has used his 6-year-old daughter on a track called “My Dad’s Gone Crazy.”
The song is featured on his new album, a top seller, number one. The little
girl keeps saying, “I think my dad’s gone crazy” as Eminem says things
like “I’m going to hell who’s coming with me. There’s nothing I can’t take.”
And on and on. In another song, he talks about how he wants to kill Hailie’s
mother with her help. The question is, is this child abuse? All right.
Well, he’s here, there’s nothing we can do about it in free speech land.
I’m very concern about the daughter. How do you see it?

Keith Murphy: Well, I believe there’s two things here. This is Eminem
that we’re talking about. This is the same guy on his own record talking
about how he he was going to kill his wife. This is also the same guy talking
about having sex with Dr. Dre, which is completely tongue in cheek because
this guy has been known as a guy who does not believe in —

Bill: I’m not taking this guy seriously at all. I don’t think anybody
could take him seriously except the dopey 15-year-olds who buy his album.
But the point is he’s injected his 6-year-old daughter into a song that
is — you know, i’m not going to say it’s pornographic but certainly filled
with hateful language and scenarios. I’m saying to myself, this could border
on child abuse. Am I wrong?

Keith Murphy: I think you’re a little bit wrong. The simple fact that
Hailie is merely — and first of off, we don’t even know if that’s Hailie
on the hook.

Bill: He says it is.

Keith Murphy: I think she’s on the begining of the song. I don’t think
she’s actually on the hook But you want to remember here, it was very tongue
in cheek. At the end of the song, he’s talking about I don’t blame you,
I wouldn’t even let Hailie listen to this song.

Bill: Ok, that’s fine. But if she’s involved in the production of the
song. What would you say then?

Keith Murphy: Well, it’s up to Eminem. He’s the one that’s going to
have to face the big music. He’s the one who’s going to have to grow up
with Hailie.

Bill: You don’t think society should investigate this?

Keith Murphy: No, it’s not an investigation. He’s not torturing this
girl he’s not putting a gun up to her —

Bill: He’s corrupting the child. There’s a child abuse statute that
goes into corruption of a child. This song, if she was actually on the
song. You say you don’t know, but it looks like she is and the PR people
are saying she is, so I think it might fall under this statute.

Keith Murphy: I think we should worry about the words and things of
that nature instead of how Eminem is raising his child. I think the bigger
picture is there’s a group called 3-6 Mafia, a black rap group out of Memphis,
talking about violent behavior and things of that nature. The big reason
why we’re kind of looking at Eminem, so to speak, is because he’s white.

Bill: Not here. Maybe other places but not here.

Keith Murphy: I’ll tell you this much. They’re paying more attention
to him. There’s a microscope underneath his lyrics.

Bill: That’s because he gets on the Grammies with Elton John and all
that stuff.

Keith Murphy: It’s also because Susie in the suburbs has a picture of
him on her wall.

Bill: Maybe that’s so. But I’m not concerned about that. I’m concerned
with the microissue of the guy puts out the number one album in the America.
This says a lot about America. And it doesn’t say anything good about it
either. I’ll tell you that. On the album he’s got a 6-year-old girl who’s
participating in an obscene song. Ok? Then he’s got a song on the same
album that says I want to kill the little girl’s mother and I want the
little girl to help me do it. Over the line, Mr. Murphy. Over the line.

Keith Murphy: I would agree with you. That is over the line. I would
tell you this much. That song that you’re talking about is the same song
in which he spots his girlfriend kissing another man.

Bill: I don’t care.

Keith Murphy: I’ll tell you this much, when you’re bringing kids into
it. That’s a whole other story. But ll tell you this much. Are we talking
about Eminem right now? Because he’s —

Bill: I’m talking about him because I think he’s exploiting his daughter
and it’s harmful for his daughter to be associated here. And if I were
the authorities out there, I don’t know where the guy live. But I would
look into this. I think this is harmful.

Keith Murphy: Let’s worry about the priests —

Bill: That’s a whole other issue that we’ve covered. Let’s worry about
Eminem’s daughter. We’ll let the audience decide. I’m going to check this
out further and the people who put this album out.

Keith Murphy: Ultimately it’s going to be his call

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