Bill O’Reilly Using Coded Racism In Rap Attack

Ray Vaughn of The Black World Today blasted Bill O’Reilly as a racist draft dodger in a scathing editorial earlier this week. “Not only is he Sad Apples he is morally bankrupt. Take for example, when he tries to analyze the negative effects that rap music and its artists have on children,” Vaughn fumed. “William invariably talks of the children left home alone without proper parental supervision, live in poor neighborhoods, have unfit parents and the like as being more likely to call the girls Ho’s and Bitches because of listening to this music. Every black person in America hearing this knows that O’Reilly is using coded racist commentary. One does not have to be a kindergarten graduate to know that he is speaking of a momma’s baby, papa’s maybe black child, living in the ghetto with everyone on welfare and high on drugs twenty-four-seven. To support his racist plan he will bring on a black person, mostly female, to tell some of the worse stories of how the children, mostly males, now disrespect everybody, by using the language and demeanor of the Rap artists.”

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