Birdman ‘I Run This’ Video

Birdman 'I Run This' music video

is out with the video to his new single ‘I Run This’, featuring , the third release from the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper’s third album ‘5 Star Stunna’, out now on Cash Money Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Birdman ‘I Run This’ Video

  1. my word says:

    Why in the fu** I didn’t see not one 16 from G Malone on Birdman’s new record? Ain’t G Malone one of the next people to come out from cash money?? Come on BLOOD give the Crip some love you south niggas ain’t no fu**in joke you nigga don’t have no fu**in love for west coast rappers …You just use them niggas for a nice west coast ghetto pass and that’s real talk BLOOD G Malone is one of the best west coast rappers so stop playing with the nigga business you people ain’t going to put the niggas record out and you know it DOG what the fu** is going on don’t Jazzy manage G? WHAT THE FU** UP JAZZY?

  2. JAX says:

    Man that’s what I’m saying I love that kid G Malone but looks like he better get a real team

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