Bishop Lamont On Dre. Dre’s ‘Detox’ & His Own ‘The Reformation’ LP

Skee.TV caught up with Bishop Lamont in studio recording the Dr. Dre produced track ‘Grow Up’, featured on his debut Aftermath album, ‘The Reformation’. They talked about Dr. Dre’s new $350 headphones ‘Beats by Dre’ out July 25th in conjunction with Monster, and the status of Dre’s album ‘Detox’. “It’s almost finished, about 60-70% done,” Bishop said of Dre’s long awaited LP. “He’s a perfectionist man. Return of the Jedi. It’s the third installment, so it’s gotta be big.”

As for the feel of his own disc, Bishop said, “It’s just right on time. It’s just what needs to be heard. It’s just about where you are in your life. Some people are gonna be offended by it, some people are gonna be like ‘Right on, right on.’ But either way it’s the truth, so take it or leave it.” Watch an interview and sample of the song below.

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