Bizarre Releases ‘Hannicap Circus’

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Having contributed mightily to two platinum plus albums, D12s Devil’s Night and D-12 World, is set to become the second member of the super-sextet to embark on a career as a soloist. The end result, Hannicap Circus, is an amalgam of styles, thoughts and lyrics that are in a word, well, bizarre. Of his inimitable style Bizarre says, “Every entertainer is weird in their own way, it’s what makes them special. I feel like I’m just a little more specialer.”

Known as the guy most likely to make you scratch your head and ask yourself, did he really say that?,” Bizarre definitely lives up to his moniker on smash tracks such as the first single “Rock Star” (produced by Eminem); “Porno Bitches” (featuring and Devin the Dude); “F*#k Ya Life;” and “Gospel Weed.” But Hannicap Circus also offers fans a peek into the soul of the man that is Rufus Johnson. “I reveal more topics and let people know who I am. I mean I have a crazy-ass rap style, a crazy ass image but I’m really a laid back guy named Rufus that likes to pop Vicodin and go fishin’.”

The album also displays the dope EMCEE that was reared in the streets of Detroit in the art of Battle. A clever reworking of the classic aptly titled “Bad Day” and the collaborative efforts with staples of the underground hip-hop world such as dead prez, Hi-Tek, and Eric Sermon are pleasant surprises.

“If I can’t differ myself from anybody else then I’m not happy. If I gotta say the most outlandish sh*t for you to hear what I’m saying, then that’s what I’ll do,” he states emphatically. “I would never, ever wanna be a regular EMCEE- ever!”

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