Black Eyed Peas Hit Their Stride

Taboo tells Australia’s Time Off magazine that the ’ dynamics are growing ever stronger, despite the increasing pressure and the relatively new inclusion of Fergie in the band’s permanent line-up. “I think we’re really connecting as a band onstage now,” he said. “When Fergie first joined the group she was still trying to find her niche and where she fit into the group in terms of performing, how to interact with us, how to manage that level of intensity when it came to turning it on… and we all grew together. Now we all know where our certain marks are and when we have to hit them individually and as a group. Fergie has become a very integral part of our stage show, and we’re all learning from each other. Every day we perform together we learn little things that each of us bring to the table, so it’s a process of continued growth for us.”

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