Black Rob ‘Game Tested, Streets Approved’ Track-By-Track

is offering a track-by-track breakdown of his just released Duck Down Records album ‘Game Tested, Streets’. “You know ‘Celebration’ is one of those songs that make you feel good,” the Harlem rapper said about the CD’s first single. “They say they want feel good songs, so we’re gonna see how much they feel about this one.” Check out the rapper’s comments and the track list below.

1. Welcome Back
2. Boiling Water
3. Bumpin
4. Can’t Make It In NY
5. Showin Up
6. Celebration
7. Wanna Get Dough
8. Get Involved
9. Sand to the Beach
10. Made Me a Man
11. F**k Em
12. This Is What It Is
13. Up North – This Is What It Is
14. No Fear (feat. Sean Price)
15. Sh** (iTunes Bonus)
16. Stand Off (iTunes Bonus)
17. Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

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