Blak Builds A Buzz Outside Mainstream

While the local Roc-a-fella faction, State Property, continues tomahawking the airwaves, Blak is stealthily building a buzz among music industry elite and media alike without doggy-paddling in the stormy mainstream. “I can’t relate to the watered-down commercial radio songs. I make adult music, music for people with responsibilities, people that deal with everyday life. I don’t get caught up in Hollywood music,” he explained to Ainé Ardron-Doley of Philadelphia City Paper, quickly clarifying: “The underground is putting out just as much garbage as the pop, commercial, the jiggy and the thug rappers. It’s boring and there’s no substance. I think I’m middle ground. I represent everybody — people who take the bus and the middle class.” He strives for an authenticity that is neither commercial nor underground.

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