Blockhead Posts New Tracks

Blockhead checked in with his MySpace friends (@theblockishot) on Sunday (September 30) with the following bulletin:

I’m back from the first leg of the tour, so out with the old, in with the new… I replaced the four songs on my player with four new ones.

Here’s a little rundown:

‘The Strain’ is a joint from my most recent (and rare) release ‘Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book’.

‘Nobodies Smiling Pt 2’ is the b side of the soon to be released limited edition 7″ record I did with DJ Signify. We will be selling it for the rest of the tour so all you heads who’ve been asking for vinyl, here you go. It’s a vinyl only release.

‘The Sound of The Branches Breaking’ is a song I did with my talented friend Baby Dayliner ( It’s gonna appear on his new album but I have it for you now available for free download. Go nuts.

‘Sunday Seance’ is from my first album ‘Music by Cavelight’ and people seem to like it, so there ya go.

Also, if you’ve been wondering why my new album isn’t on iTunes, well, it kinda is now. They have an EP version of it available right now. You may be asking “Why only an ep version?” Well, it’s cause of sample issues.. so, if you want the whole thing, you gotta buy it… preferably from me when I come to you town on tour (check the dates on my page)… or you can order it online. Either way, cop that sh**…


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