B.o.B Addresses Andre 3000 Comparisons

sat down with ThisIs50.com to discuss how he got in the game, comparisons to Andre 3000, and his new single ‘I’ll Be In The Sky’. “It’s an influence that’s obviously heard in the music,” B.o.B said of the Outkast star. “It’s kind of inevitable. I don’t mind. In this industry, you can’t take what people say too heavy.” Watch via YouTube below.

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9 thoughts on “B.o.B Addresses Andre 3000 Comparisons

  1. t says:

    Man you are jocking one of the greatest ever! Get your own! Leave that to 3000, 3000 Jr! Man you pissed me off with that! I was like ah man 3k back! I turn at the TV and it’s this dude! I was disappointed!!! I’m gonna need you to do something else! You’ll never be where he is! Get your own dude!!! JOCKIN 3K, JOCKIN 3K

  2. Thispbe says:

    Are you serious? This cat said : people say you suck people say you sound like sh*t, people say you sound like Andre 3000 its all in the same boat” … this is heart breaking, I mean I’m like what the FREAK man!!! If some one says you sound like 3000 that’s a darn compliment. I tried to give this fella the benefit of the doubt, when I found this interview I was hoping to hear something like yeah it was produced by 3000 or Outkast or something or at least this guy would say something like 3000 was his all time favorite rapper and hero or something. but no this cat comes out all but tries to dis the comments about him sounding like 3000. Is he crazy? THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE COULD JUST HAPPEN TO SOUND ANYWHERE NEAR LIKE ANDRE 3000 OR BIG BOY, THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT THIS DUDE TRAINED FOR 2 YEARS TO GET THIS SOUND!! HES STR8 FAKE, STYLE BITER!!! …hear breaking!!

  3. roro says:

    late comment but I personally think that he didn’t mean to insult 3000, but he came in the industry to do his own thing, and he gets his comparisons from his rapping and singing style, content, and voice. he’s not against being like 3000, he’s against being like anyone
    his content is insane in today’s hip hop industry and I think the industry needs more artists willing to explore like 3000 and b.o.b

  4. The Arka Teks Lyrics says:

    They sound so much alike its crazy. There videos are a lot alike to.

    I’ll be in the sky looked a lot like how Andre would do a video.


  5. YUMYUM says:


  6. Lil' D says:

    I think this guy did try to be an Andre 3000 knock off I mean he sounds exactly like him and his name is even the same as one of his most popular songs. B.O.B. (Bombs over Baghdad) no offense but don’t try to act like you didn’t mean to be an Andre knock off and then be insulted that your being called one. I’d consider being called an Andre 3000 copy a compliment.

  7. Young Feezy says:

    It’s whatever I mean If Bobby ain’t tripin’ about the subject why should anybody else? I personally think B.O.B. is better than Andre. Don’t get me wrong I love Andre him and Outcast set the bar really high for the other artists, but I think Bobby raised it just a little more.

  8. Aji says:

    Was a great song feat River from Weezer with Andre 3000 until I realized it was someone ripping off Andre.WTF, he doesn’t talk like Andre, just tries to impersonate him. Andre talks in the same vocal as he raps, this Bob sounds talks nothing like his rap. Sounds like an impersonation to me, maybe he should only do gigs in Vegas,as a Outkast wanna be band. He should at least admit he is obsessed with Andre. How could he be better than Andre, you can’t be better than someone that you are ripping off. That’s like saying I loved that U2 cover band last night, they were better than the real U2.

  9. angie m says:

    &^%$#@!!##$ I’m stoked thinkin this song i’m hearin was Andrew, i come lookin it up, like, wow, dre has a new song, cool, to find out it was this dude. WHAT THE CRAP. ANDRE-3000- TAKE THE MUSIC BACK MAN – GET BACK OUT HERE WE NEED YOU…..STAT

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