Boo Yaa Tribe On The Current State Of Hip Hop

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West Coast gangsta rappers, were recently on a local Los Angeles music show known as the ‘Yay Area Hip Hop’. They were asked how the felt about the current state of hip hop. Read on to see what they had to say.

BU So how do ya’ll feel about the current state of hip hop?

Kobra Sh*t is f*cked up right now. There’s only a handful of rappers bringin light to the game. Everything else is just bullsh*t.

BU If you could pick 4 artists out right now to work with that you respect, who would those 4 be?

Gangxta We were actually talkin about this afew days ago. 50 Cent would be one, he’s keeping the game alive right now. But we gotta give the West Coast love too, any all star member of Pocos Pero Locos, ya know? they keepin that latin hip hop goin. Damn, that’s pretty much it. We’ve already worked with most artists we respect but we haven’t gotten the chance to work with 50 or Game. So we gon see if we could work that out.

BU If ya’ll could change anything in hip hop right now, what would it be?

Gangxta Ah man! There’s alotta sh*t we would change, but we’d probably get rid of some of the artists out there that’s not doin anything for hip hop. No disrespect to , but he’s a perfect example. I don’t get why he sellin albums as a hip hop artist.

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