Boots Riley of the Coup Makes Stirring Statement reports Coup rapper Boots Riley has made some eye raising comments following the terror attacks against the United States and has proclaimed no one wearing an American Flag will be admitted into any of his shows.

Riley states, “We should be angry — angry at the U.S. government for starting this tidal wave of death. Let’s not support them in continuing the tide of death they are planning to bring to the world. We cannot allow these events to culminate in another act of terror. urges you to recognize all acts of terror, and to realize that bombing Afghanistan or any other country will not address the root of this problem. It will simply cause the loss of more innocent lives”.

“One last thing: The Coup does not support and has no respect for the American flag. It stands for oppression, exploitation, slavery, and murder.Which means if you’re down with hip-hop, don’t wave one. Hip-hop represents people fighting for freedom and justice. The American flag does not. No one will be admitted to a Coup show wearing red, white and blue — they’re violent gang colors.”

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