Bow Wow Gets Grief From Mom After Accidental Text Message

Bow Wow

checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) moments ago, revealing that he got in some hot water with his mother Teresa Caldwell after mistakenly sending her a text message using an F-bomb meant for a friend. Though the rapper and actor’s Tweets complaining about having to “hear [his mother’s] mouth” and being lectured as the family bread winner may further irritate mom. The 24-year-old writes:

Just sent my momma da wrong text that was for my homie. I was cussin and err thang. Her reply was “Huh” im like awww daaamn my bad mom.

Now she calling me. Uhhhh gotta go hear her mouth for 15 mins. All she gone do is laugh. Cant believe I said F*** in that text haha

Point of doing what I do & can’t enjoy the sh**? How can u tell the person that make the money what they can and can’t do! Sh** is nerv rackin

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5 thoughts on “Bow Wow Gets Grief From Mom After Accidental Text Message

  1. ibe says:

    I need to give you some music that can make you famous. Go to hell

  2. krystalhines says:

    Hello your number lil bowwow give me please

  3. Krystal Hines says:

    I want need see bowwow give me number

  4. Janireya sanders says:

    Bow Wow cute I wish he was my dad pretty eyes

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