Bow Wow Not Impressed With Soulja Boy’s New Lamborghini Gallardo

is schooling about how his Lamborghini stacks up against his younger rival in a video clip at Bow Wow’s YouTube channel, responding to ’s challenge to put his sports car on the line. “Number one, you got the poor man’s Lambo,” Bow Wow tells . “That’s what people get when they want one of these. When they want a big dog car like this, they gonna get the Gallardo. Number two, you ridin with a ni**a in your passenger seat. Don’t no dude ride in my passenger seat, only women ride in my passenger seat. A model preferably. Number three, your doors don’t even go up, how you gotta Lambo? Number four, you ridin on plastic rims, you don’t even got rims on your sh**.” Watch the video and the video that prompted the reaction below.

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