Bow Wow Not Impressed With Soulja Boy’s New Lamborghini Gallardo

is schooling about how his Lamborghini stacks up against his younger rival in a video clip at Bow Wow’s YouTube channel, responding to Soulja Boy’s challenge to put his sports car on the line. “Number one, you got the poor man’s Lambo,” Bow Wow tells Soulja Boy. “That’s what people get when they want one of these. When they want a big dog car like this, they gonna get the Gallardo. Number two, you ridin with a ni**a in your passenger seat. Don’t no dude ride in my passenger seat, only women ride in my passenger seat. A model preferably. Number three, your doors don’t even go up, how you gotta Lambo? Number four, you ridin on plastic rims, you don’t even got rims on your sh**.” Watch the video and the Soulja Boy video that prompted the reaction below.

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