Bow Wow & Omarion Explain The Toure Incident caught up with and former B2K star Omarion to explain the Toure incident. “It was real,” Bow Wow said. “It was supposed to be a spoof interview, kind of like a ‘Punk’d’ situation. But we were not informed by the label that it was going to be a spoof interview. So just like anybody else would do if you sitting in a room and they was wilding out or they was saying stuff you felt wasn’t appropriate or not right, then you’re gonna act out on it, and that basically was what I did.” Bow Wow added, “I actually saw Toure at the ‘I Am Legend’ movie premiere, told him what’s up and apologized to him. We both apologized to each other because he didn’t know I didn’t know that it was a fake interview and I was being real about it. That was the pit bull terrier coming out of me. I’m sorry my fans had to see that.” YouTube has since removed the video.

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