Bow Wow Segment On TRL’s Backstage Pass

Lil’ was featured in a clip on TRL’s Backstage Pass on Friday. Here’s what Bow Wow had to say: “Yo, what up? It’s your man, Bow Wow, unleashed right here, baby. I love the ladies, so it’s kind of like, you know, it doesn’t bother me at all. I do whatever it takes. I have to give my fans a hug, but sometimes they sneak a kiss in there. Kind of crazy, so I’m picky. Picky dude. Like I had maybe a couple of people who are sexy and attractive and cute. Mya, Beyonce. Oh, here you go [photo of Solange Knowles shown]. She was real cool. A real cool friend of mine. I have known her so long now. She real cool. I got a Ferrari, Maserati and I have a Mercedes 500. Sl on 20’S. I got a Range Rover on 22’s. I really want to say that, you know what I mean, there’s really no competition on me. Not to be nothing cocky or anything like that, but there’s not another rapper my age who present right now at the time. If I get it right, which is me and Omarion and B2k, R&B is like rap. There’s enough room for everybody to eat. I don’t consider it competition. All the time when I go out, people come up to me all over my food, breathing all over my food almost every day when I’m trying to eat. That really irritates me, like the fact you see with me people, you see with my family. I’m — please at least wait, until I’m done, you know? Sign this up like this. Much love — that’s what it is right there, baby.”

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