Bow Wow Talks About His Vroom 1 Shoe

Bow Wow wearing Beats checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, saying he’s done talking about the Lamborghini race with Soulja Boy. Instead, he’s working on his Vroom 1 shoe for Starbury and his request for ideas on the footwear. Bow Wow added that he’s ready to head out and promote ‘New Jack City Pt. 2’. Check it out below.

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2 thoughts on “Bow Wow Talks About His Vroom 1 Shoe

  1. TheThirdCK says:

    I wonder if they’re gonna be 8 bucks like the original Starburys.

  2. lil teddy says:

    Bow I have a lot of ideas for your shoes but first of all I want to be a singer so maybe you can help me I’m a 13 years old girl so you can send me a email and I can help you with your shoes and you can help me with my career so is up to you for my dream to become true.

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