Bow Wow Tells Pals Via Twitter: Get These Hoes Outta My House

Bow Wow

checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) earlier this morning, upset with his friends for bringing women they picked up from the club over to his home while the rapper was sleeping. The 23-year-old fumed:

Hate when my boys think my crib is the whore house. I wake up to heels walking down my hallway. I woke up like “Kick deez hoes out”

It’s too much nice sh** in here. I’m sleep what if they steal or lie or make a blog in my house. “Kick these B****** out!!! NOW

Take dem hoes to the Super 8 motel. Rule #1 neva take a braud where u rest yo head. I don’t trust these hoes as far as I can throw em.

Sum one say why they gotta be hoes? Only hoes leave the club at 5am with a sweaty cooch to go sleep wita nigga they just met. #Ratchet

Told yall I’ma start being myself on twitter. Having more fun and just being me.

Also I’m hardly ever upset, so when I tweet don’t say I’m mad. Because 10/10 times I may tweet I’m never mad. Always chilled. Y’all know why

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One thought on “Bow Wow Tells Pals Via Twitter: Get These Hoes Outta My House

  1. anoymous says:

    This nigga needs to go to sh**. have a nerve going to tell his friends not to bring hoes at his house but yet he gonna bring bitches like Miss Dade County, Kat Stacks and that Natalie Nun looking ass bitch Miss Joie we all know she’s a certified Hoe to his crib. This nigga needs to think before the tweets. Dumb ass…

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