Bow Wow Ups Lamborghini Beef With “1 Hit Wonder” Soulja Boy

is firing back at , who he’s calling “The 1 Hit Wonder” after the younger rapper challenged Bow Wow to produce a title for his Lamborghini Murcielago, which is supposedly being rented. Bow Wow says that until Soulja Boy trades in his Gallardo for a Murcielago, “You will not win.” After producing registration papers for the Murcielago, Bow Wow scolded, “So you know what that means, you stupid ass little boy? You can’t have a registered tag on a rental car.” Bow Wow added that he paid off the pricey ride with his Amex Black Card. Bow Wow added that he’s talked with the CEO of Lamborghini, who wants to sponsor the race which would put the young rappers’ respective car titles on the line, airing on the Speed Channel or ESPN. Watch the video via YouTube below.

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15 thoughts on “Bow Wow Ups Lamborghini Beef With “1 Hit Wonder” Soulja Boy

  1. TheThirdCK says:

    Thank God team Bow Wow is so much higher

  2. anthony westbrooks says:

    I’m down for team Soulja Boy because Bow Wow is a bitch ass hoe punk ass nigga

  3. ashleigh says:

    Uh ok I’m gonna have to be with Soulja Boy on this one just because I think he is sexier.

  4. 2damreal says:

    Team Soulja Boy is the sh** Bow Wow thinks he’s the sh** and somebody finally showed people that he is just a fake show off nigga really both of them niggas are hoes who beef over cars because I’ll rob both of them nawl but beef over some that makes sense!

  5. Fabulous his #1 fan says:

    I’m definitely on BOW WOW team because Soulja Boy just put anything on the radio and call it a day what the fu** is “hey you there” WTF that sh** is ridiculous… and Soulja Boy got all that money “so he claim well ni99a eat.. you skinnier than a b!tch… BOW WOW been out there way before Soulja Boy weak ass…(even though Arab his partner is sexy than a bit%^)…Bow Wow have plenty reasons to be full of his self HE IS SEXIER THAN THAT THING… LOVE YA BOW WEZZY FOR SHIZZY!!!


    As of today Bow Wow and Soulja Boy aren’t that great of rappers but I would have to be on Soulja’s side… He represents the American dream and he puts out music that will either make you laugh, make you smile, or dance, HOW CAN ANYBODY NOT LIKE THAT!!!

  7. Butter~Butt says:

    I’m on sexy ass Soulja Boy’s side he’s way sexier than Bow Wow and I bet he knows how to treat a lady :D

  8. shakira williams says:

    Bow Wow go get his ass beat

  9. DJ HOME SKILLET says:

    Bow Wow’s Lambo goes way harder then Soulja Boy’s…. you gotta be on crack if you think Soulja Boy will when just because his car in newer…..

  10. Char'Toria Bell says:

    I’m on Soulja Boy side because Bow Wow started and den he took it too far Soulja Boy, beat Bow Wow’s butt.

  11. Char'Toria Bell says:

    I’m on Soulja boy side because Bow Wow started and he took it too far.

  12. LB-DUB says:

    Bow Wow got more money man, you can’t really stop him, he was the 1st rapper to have his video retired from 106 and Park. I mean come on. then Snoop Dog(his uncle)
    Dupri (Brother) Janet Jackson (sister in law) Micheal Jackson (brother in law).. greatness run in there family
    forget the Lambo Bow a tank on the boy n shut him up Soulja Boy Tell Em ha….Bow Wow got more money than you TEAM Bow Wow LB-Dub

  13. ant says:

    Man I think Bow Wow should smack the fu** out that little ass boy

  14. rae says:

    still wondering how Soulja Boy’s hit wonder

  15. leah a.k.a mommi says:

    I’m with Soulja Boy because I am a big fan whoever started it the other person shouldn’t have replied back sh** I’m younger and don’t even fight over petty sh** like that man Soulja Boy need to get out off stupid stuff like that that will be like someone I really love die in my family I will not be able to live with that so whoever older needs to step up and stop being a b****. Sorry had to

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