Bow Wow Visits Late Show

Lil’ was David Letterman’s guest on the Late Show Wednesday. Bow Wow was on to promote his new movie ‘Like Mike’. He talked about the name change, getting discovered by Snoop, not being good in math, and having a 18-year-old female tutor. Read on for a transcript.

Dave: Our nest guest is a very successful recording artist who at the
age of 15 has sold over 4 million albums. He stars in a new film entitled
‘Like Mike.’ It opens July 3rd. Here is Bow Wow! ( Band playing ) ( cheers
and applause )

Dave: Nice to see you. Welcome to the show.

Bow Wow: Thanks, man appreciate it.

Dave: How is your summer going?

Bow Wow: Summer going real well.

Dave: Paul and I were talking about your age I said you were 12, you’re
not 12 at all, are you?

Bow Wow: No, I’m 15.

Dave: But still you’re a kid and I can push you around if I want.

Bow Wow: Some what.

Dave: Can you ask you about your name, Bow Wow? I guesss that your show
business name, right?

Bow Wow: I got the name from Bow Wow from Snoop. Being there with Snoop
Dogg and so many dog names that formed Bow Wow.

Dave: Originally you were Lil’ Bow Wow but you’re not anymore, are you?

Bow Wow: Right.

Dave: Just because your growing up?

Bow Wow: I’m getting older. There’s been a voice change and I have a
mustache now.

Dave: That makes perfect sense. Where are you from?

Bow Wow: From Columbus, Ohio.

Dave: That’s the capital of the Buckeye state.

Bow Wow: Exactly.

Dave: You got into show business hanging around with Snoop Doggie doing.

Bow Wow: I started at the age of five watching tv and picking up on
words and on everything and the just came when my mom took me to a concert.

Dave: You consider yourself to be a natural musician then it came easily.

Bow Wow: Could you say that.

Dave: How about your acting are you a better actor or better musician?

Bow Wow: I don’t know. I try my best at everything I do. Have a thing
now the acting thing, the whole “Like Mike” thing. I take them both the
same I guess.

Dave: I guess so. Tell bus the movie. You’re like a kid who gets into
the N.B.A. And you get the sneakers and lightning and there you go. ( Laughter

Bow Wow: Something like that. Well I play a kid name Calvin and he gets
magical sneakers once rumored Michael Jordan wore them. That gives him
a chance to go to the N.B.A. And he has two dreams: To get to the N.B.A.
And to get adopted.

Dave: That sounds sweet. Eugene Levy is the in movie?

Bow Wow: Right.

Dave: Who does he play?

Bow Wow: He plays the general manager of the team.

Dave: You got along with him?

Bow Wow: He was making me laugh the whole time.

Dave: When you’re a kid in the movie but you’re the star in the movie
do they treat you like a kid or I star?

Bow Wow: They definitely treat you look a star.

Dave: Is that right?

Bow Wow: Anything you wanted… I remember one time they wanted to keep
me like an extra hour or so. I wanted to go home. They said we’re give
him this and this. I said I wanted a game cube and I’d stay an extra hour
and they gave me a Gamecube and I stayed.

Dave: Do you still do kid kind of stuff? Are you going to get your driver’s

Bow Wow: Oh, yeah. Me being 15 I try to keep my job as fun as possible.
I throw little things in my job I’m a prankster.

Dave: What would you do?

Bow Wow: I may do anything but glue in the telephone.

Dave: You glue the receiver?

Bow Wow: I try to stay any self-.

Dave: Are you in school or do you have a tutor?

Bow Wow: I have a home tutor. Being that I really can’t go to school.
I usually do any tutoring towards the end of the day because that’s when
I have enough time to catch up.

Dave: Why can’t you go to school?

Bow Wow: So busy working I’m popular. We tried it last year. The kids
kept driving to the school. They kind of kicked me out. I get too much

Dave: That’s no good, is it? Do you think you’ll be all right. Does
the tutor a man or a woman? Of the.

Bow Wow: She.

Dave: Does she know what she’s talking about?

Bow Wow: She’s smart. She’s 18. ( Laughter ) ( applause ) but she’s
very intelligent and you know… I mean she’s going off to college. She
scored a 1350 on her S.A.T.’S.

Dave: Do you know about math?

Bow Wow: That my weakest subject.

Dave: Do you know anything about algebra?

Bow Wow: Yeah it’s kind of hard with algebra because I try to learn
it and I look at the problems and how long they are and say you know what,
I can’t do this. This is crazy. It keeps getting harder and harder. I stick
to the science and world cultures.

Dave: That’s not the right attitude.

Bow Wow: I know but I try my best. Like I say I try my best in everything
I do.

Dave: That’s all anybody can ask for. I’m going to show a clip for movie.

Bow Wow: This is the scene where I get chosen out of audience.

Dave: You select the winning ticket and you take a couple shots and
everything goes crazy.

*’Like Mike’ Movie Clip*

Dave: Good luck to you, all right.

Bow Wow: All right.

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