Boycott Pepsi And The O’Reilly Factor

Contributed by knowledge024:

I’m calling for a nationwide boycott of sponsors of The O’Reilly Factor show for its recent MISCONDUCT by abusing its powers and involving itself and audience members in something that should have been resolved by a nationwide vote, not just one particular group that watches this lame ‘upper-aged’ guppie who had a fellow artist contract with Pepsi cancelled, by having 3,000 emails (which could’ve just been 2 or 3 people mass mailing from different addresses) sent to pepsi stating they are boycotting until ’s contract is cancelled….What?!?

Are we the hip-hop community going to stand for something like this…its nothing more than an attempt to keep rap music and its artists from stepping over into another industry, its a trend that i’m seeing happening more and more often. I’m simply stating since he did it, so should we….so here is the master plan everyone. I want to triple the amount of emails to pepsi in support of Ludacris….lets show the rich folk who really run this country…they wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for consumers. I think its high time we let them know who runs this *****. Simply send a msg to the following email address and tell’em we refuse to purchase anymore pepsi products until Ludacris’s contract is reinstated and the ads are run again. I’m not doing this help Luda get paid. I’m doing it because if they are gonna cancel Ludacris for his personal lifestyle, why not MS. “drinking, sexin, smokin” Spears? Because she has 3 things Luda doesn’t….BLONDE HAIR, BLUE EYES, AND TITS! So let this all marinate in ya brain for a minute until it clicks. Then take action! BOYCOTT PEPSI AND THE O’REILLY FACTOR!

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