Britney To Perform With Ying Yang Twins On SNL

Britney Spears will once again team up with the to perform their song ‘I Got That Boom Boom’ on Saturday Night Live, on October 18. The duo recently hooked up with Britney to record the song for her upcoming album, ‘In The Zone.’ Group member Kaine explained that the invitation to collaborate with Britney was a surprise. “It was totally out of left field,” Kaine said. “The Ying Yang Twins and Britney Spears, it sounds crazy, but the track we did will show everyone that the Ying Yang Twins are versatile… man we don’t even have a gold or platinum album yet, but they wanted the Ying Yang.”According to the group’s management, Britney wanted to hook up with the group after hearing their hit song with Lil’ John, ‘Get Low.’

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