Brittany And Eminem Romance ‘Came And Went’

Brittany Murphy was on the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday where she admitted to having a romantic fling with off screen as well as on. She said simply in response to how it went, “Well, it went. It came and went.” Read on for a transcript.

Dave: Was there romance here, not screen romance, but you know what
I’m saying?

Brittany: Dave, I wouldn’t kiss and tell.

Dave: But you know, for example, did you —

Brittany: Our characters were romantic interest in the film. They were
love interests in the film.

Dave: I understand that. But I’m talking about off the silver screen.

Brittany: Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, what?

Brittany: Yeah, sure.

Dave: Really?

Brittany: Yeah, sure.

Dave: How did that go?

Brittany: Well, it went. It came and went.

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