Brittany Murphy Comments On Eminem

Teen Scene magazine caught up with actress Brittany Murphy and asked the ‘8 Mile’ star about , who she was romantically linked to briefly during filming. “To me, he was Marshall. He’s a family man, an extraordinary worker and gives everything to his daughter,” Murphy gushed. “He’s one of the hardest working, determined, brilliant people that I have ever met in my life and I think that it’s great that the world is getting to know different sides of him. He’s constantly been judged for what he says, tongue in cheek, and finally people are realizing a lot more about him which is great.”

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2 thoughts on “Brittany Murphy Comments On Eminem

  1. chloe says:

    Wow see Eminem is great. Some people just don’t see it. Love you Eminem xxxxx

  2. Sarah P says:

    I think it is sad that a talented actress like Brittany died so young. It is coming out that it might have been prescription drugs that killed her. It is sad that so many talented actors have problems that require the use of drugs to get them through life. You would think that with the amount of success they have they would have a natural high since everything should be going for them. But it seems that they have the same problems as everyone else except it is magnified because of public scrutiny.

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