Bubba Sparxxx Chats With Spin On The John

Spin magazine phoned for an interview and caught him on the toilet. “Man, I’m on the sh**ter,” the rapper admitted. “I’ve got an upset stomach, so don’t mind any noises you hear in the background.” Asked if he ever imagined that he’d get signed and work with people like Timbaland, Sparxxx flushed the toilet and responded, “I’m a Pisces man, so I’m a big dreamer. The people I idolized growing up were Outkast and the Dungeon Family. Going to Los Angeeles to see (Interscope President) Jimmy Iovine and Timbaland was the first time I flew in an airplane.” To wrap up the interview, Bubba said, “It’s all good. I just took some Pepto-Bismol, so hopefully everything will dry on up.”

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