Bubba Sparxxx Has Matured Beyond Groupies

SOHH.com recently caught up with and asked the rapper several questions, including how much ass has fame gotten him. “A bunch. I don’t have a problem knowing a beeyatch wanna fu** me because I am Bubba Sparxxx,” he said. “I don’t have a problem with that because I am Bubba Sparxxx. It would be different if she wanna fu** Bubba Sparxxx and I wasn’t Bubba Sparxxx. It really is who I am. It’s not an ego thing. Bottom line is that everyone wants everyone for the wrong reasons. You see a girl with big tits and a big ass, you don’t want her because of who she is, you want her because of her big titties and big ass. I really kind of entered that phase and exited that phase. I reached a mature point and settled into the fact that this is my career. I’m trying to find me a steady lady now. I ain’t trying to say I’m going to be a one-woman man but I’m trying to find me a main thing.”

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