Buck 65 Deals With Negative Response

The perception that Canadian rapper is somehow meddling with the sacred hiphop form has drawn fierce opposition in the America, expressed in a way that he finds troubling yet strangely intriguing. “I keep getting called a fag. When you stop to consider the psychology of the situation, where people react to something they don’t understand by concluding, ‘Oh, he must be gay,’ it”s just ridiculous,” he told Tim Perlich of NOW Toronto. “But it’s been happening over and over again in the U.S. It’s amazing how few people understand that the lesson of Afrika Bambaataa was that it’s healthy to keep an open mind about sounds that come from other places. Even some journalists, who you’d hope would know better, are asking me, ‘Are you gay or somethin’? The narrow-mindedness I’m up against is unbelievable.” The full story at nowtoronto.com has since been removed.

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