Buck 65 Not Optimistic About Next U.S. President

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@buck65) on Sunday (November 2), discussing his upcoming album ‘Bike For Three!’ and Tuesday’s U.S. elections. The Canadian hip hop artist writes:

I feel strange and nervous about the upcoming election in the US. On one hand, I feel like I know who I want to win. On the other hand, I feel like whoever does has an impossible task laid out in front of them and we’ll all probably end up hating whoever it is after a few months anyway. I don’t think anyone can fix all the problems out there right now. So sometimes I feel like it would be easier to deal with if someone I already don’t like wins. Know what I mean? It’s a terrible attitude to have, I know. But it’s pretty hard to be optimistic when you’re swirling down the toilet…

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