Busta Rhymes Debuts ‘Make It Clap’ On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to premiere his new video for ‘Make It Clap’ and gave his old pal Lala a tough time. The new cut is his first single off ‘It Ain’t Safe No More’, which drops November 26th. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: A young man busta rhymes is in the house we’ll get to him who
is with lala midtown. Are you there.

Lala: I’m here hangin’ out with rap superstar busta-bust busta rhymes.

Busta: Lala about 4 and a half months pregnant from busta I’m tella

Lala: You better stop it, cut it out. Cut it out. We were downstairs
in times square it was crazy we had to come upstairs.

Busta: We wouldn’t been able to talk to nobody wn there.

Lala: It was crazy. The last time i saw you in times square you pulled
up with the fly car tried to scoop me up for a ride real quick. Talk cars
how many do you really own.

Busta: I own 11 cars.

Lala: What do i hear about your fashion line doing something with cars

Busta: What it is because we got like a lot of relationships with the
fabric district, we go out there, we get materials for the line of clothes
and take some of the fab brit and interior decorate some of the whips we
got you will extra suede, actual suede, cuss symptom special tters in the
whip beautiful.

Lala: It’s crazy.

Busta: No doubt.

Lala: When trl returns what are u gonna do.

Busta: I’ma rap flip-mode squad and we world premiere the new us witha-bust
video from the

[Inaudible] Album don’t move.  Make it clap make it clap stay tuned

Carson: That’s mariah carey “through the rain” at 3 it was 7 yesterday.
My next guest a man who has pushed hip-hop video live performance and style
to a cosmic level the always energetic, busta rhymes.


Carson: All right.

Busta: What ‘up what ‘up.

Carson: What’s up

[Inaudible] Down low

Busta: I’m right here, brother.

Carson: I want to maximize our time. Let’s get down to business it ain’t
safe no more, the 26th.

Busta: Yes, indeed

Carson: “Make it clap” the first single we’ll drop tell me about this
6th album fr busta-bust what did you hit us with this time.

Busta: Noo creative approaches trying to display the evolution of my
growth as an artist, as a man, as an M.C. Uhm, dedicated to beatin’ y’all
in the head with more consistent street corner hip had


Carson: And that’s pretty much it. Ha-ha.

Carson: Tell me about the first video we’ll see “make it clp”.

Busta: It is called “make it clap” uhm,eaturein’ split-star from the
flip mode squad wherever his big-headed ass is at ‘word ‘up and it’s a
real funny, hot video so i really don’t want to tell too much about it
i want y’all to see it and enjoy ut the madness poppin’ off in it.

Carson: Let’s get to it, the world premiere of bta rhymes here is “make
it clap” with split featured, as well on mtv’s spankin’ new check it out
here’s busta


Carson: how much fun was that? These people were goin’ crazy busta rhymes
who always brings it.

Busta: Yeah


Carson: The world premiere you can vote: Always busta rhymes we get
music videos byhousands every day y always bring us something new, hot
and fresh thank you, again!

Busta: — My dog split

Carson: Wha’ssup it is all about the album that hits streets november
22nd it ain’t safe n no more.

Busta:  Busta rhymes november 26th representin’ flip mode.

Carson: We’ll take a picture with lala.

Busta: Where my baby at. Ha-ha.

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