Busta Rhymes Names His Favorite Videos

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where he named his favorite videos. But for whatever reason, the VJ’s decided not to ask him about his SUV getting pummeled by bullets outside the Violator Records offices. Jay-Z’s ‘Excuse Me, Miss’ his 4th favorite video. “I think this video particularly is one of Jay-Z’s better joints ’cause you know he did a lot of videos, but I analyze the videos closely and I think this is real hot for him.”

Next up was Sean Paul at #3 with ‘Get Busy’. “I picked that because I completely lived the experience of that video so for one it is personal to see the food gettin’ cooked upstairs and, you know, the wild out downstairs in the basement and pops comin’ down and bangin’ ’cause you bangin’ on the furnace you know what I mean. But all in all it is a dope video I don’t see the home vibe on TV as close as that or the West Indian community like that.”

At #2 was and Ludacris with ‘Gossip Folks.’ He joked, “See, I think personally, Missy the only one I could consider, you know, could even test me in videos at this point.” He added, “I’m just jokin’. To Missy for me one of my if not ‘the’ video creator in this game besides you know like a Diddy and them spendin’ wide money on those videos back in the days but she’s the one artist I can honestly say shuts it down.”

And at the top was his video with Sean Paul, the remix for ‘Make It Clap’. “Yeah. Did his thing, as well. Big up to the Flip Mode and the crew, Sean Paul. Thanks for the love and, and that’s another one of them videos we just wanted to do for fans a little bit.”

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