Busta Rhymes Puts Bill O’Reilly On Blast

is going off on conservative Fox News host Billy O’Reilly to AllHipHop.com. Asked about the situation with Pepsi, he blasted, “They ain’t give me no grief about what I wanted to talk about, how I wanted to say it, how I rep myself, none of that. I don’t know how I feel about the situation now with the way they did . I think that sh** was disrespectful in every aspect but, fu** Bill O’Reilly, that faggot. He’s the type of muthafu**er that really needs to be focusing on his problems in his house. I’m sure he got a lot of issues at home that he ain’t fix right yet. Fu** out of here, this is entertainment. You got niggas in films bombing up all kinds of sh**, tying up niggas, stabbing niggas and doing coke deals. You see a movie like ‘Traffic’ win 7 or 8 Oscars, the biggest drug movie in existence, niggas get bodied in there, nigga doing deals with Castro and all these niggas in the movie, but ain’t nobody got a problem with those type of muthafu**ers.” Busta insists O’Reilly is racist.

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