Busta Rhymes Stops By Late Night With Conan O’Brien

stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday. Busta was promoting his promoting his role in ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ and joked about how Conan should be a Fubu model. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: All right, everybody. My next guest is a rapper and an actor.
Beginning this friday, you can see him in the new movie “Halloween: Resurrection.”
Please welcome Busta Rhymes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: God, I wish I could do that. I’m a hair fanatic. I wish I could
do that. That is so cool-looking.

[ Laughter ] You could keep stuff in there. That’s just like —

[ Laughter ] That’s very — is it hard to do?

Busta: No, it’s actually very easy to do.

Conan: Okay, good.

Busta: You know. Go through whatever you gotta go through to stay sexy.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I think — I think I love you now.

[ Laughter ] You know, can I also — the — man, the jewelry is so cool-looking.
I can’t pull that stuff off, you know?

[ Light laughter ] I can’t. I can barely pull a suit and tie off.

[ Light laughter ] But you —

Busta: Come on, man. You look like a fubu model, man.

[ Light laughter ] Centerfold for “gq” magazine.

Conan: I look like a fubu model?

Busta: Fubu.

[ Laughter ] Fubu.

Conan: I’ve never had anyone say that. I’m calling fubu tomorrow. And
see if they agree with that. Their sales will go into the toilet the minute

[ Laughter ] “Check out this hip, new rapper wear.”

[ Light laughter ] Let me — let me ask you about the — you love diamonds,
don’t you?

Busta: Yeah.

Conan: You love — that’s one of — that’s — you always lov them? You
just —

Busta: Nah, you know, just when I realized that there’s a rainy day
that you always gotta be prepared for.

Conan: Right.

Busta: You can get a quick, you know, cash transaction when I need to,
if it’s an emergency situation.

Conan: Oh, so, if you were, like, short, like tonight, when you got
dinner, you could pull off your earrings and —

[ Laughter ]

Busta: Straight to the pawn shop, baby.

Conan: Pay for the shrimp or something.

Busta: Get a little cash. You know, like that emergency cigarette they
keep in a glass case? You just gotta break it if you’re really needing

Conan: Right, right.

Busta: — That fix.

Conan: Right, right.

Busta: Yeah, I might just one day really need enough money to take care
of the young lady that I might take out for the evening.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: This sounds like a very nice plan.

Busta: Yeah, you know.

Conan: I don’t think this way. I gotta hang with you more often.

[ Laughter ]

Busta: That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Conan: I can’t believe you’re goin’ along with it.

[ Laughter ]

Busta: Yeah, I’m sayin’ —

[ In high-pitched voice ]

Conan: “Hey, Busta! This is cool! What are we doin’ now?!”

[ Laughter and applause ] Drivin’ around with you. And I’ll be next
to you.

[ In high-pitched voice ] “What now, Busta? Huh, what now?!”

[ Laughter ] Now, you’re — you’re havin’ a lot of success acting. This
is going very well for you. You’re been in some big movies. You’ve acted
with some big people. You acted with Sean Connery.

Busta: Yeah.

Conan: This is going really well.

Busta: Yeah, I’m having a ball with it.

Conan: Do you ever think you’ll move — you’ll, like, take it to the
point where you’re doin’, like, classical or do shakespeare or somethin’
like that?

Busta: Nah, I ain’t into the Shakespeare dude.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Why not?

Busta: I just think the Shakespeare dudes — they never really look

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: They’re always, like, in tights and stuff.

Busta: Yeah, they usually — they wear tights and baggy clothes at the
same time.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Never heard Shakespeare critiqued like that, but you’re right.
That’s not a good look.

Busta: It’s confusing.

Conan: Right, right.

[ Laughter ] I’m with you.

Busta: Yeah, you know?

Conan: Let’s talk about the horror movie. You’re in this — you’re in
“Halloween: Resurrection.”

Busta: Right, right.

Conan: Are you a fan of the “Halloween” movies?

Busta: Oh, most definitely. I mean, I — you know, not to front and
act like I’m bein’ biased and all of that, but I always was into the mass
murderers and the serial killers.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Aren’t we all?

[ Laughter ] There’s nothin’ like a mass murderer.

Busta: Yeah, you know?

Conan: No, but those movies — I mean, those movies have a huge following.
And the villain — the villain in “Halloween” is — you know, the Mike
Myers character, that’s a scary guy.

Busta: Yeah, he’s the serious guy.

Conan: Now, what about — do you like —

[ Laughter ] Yeah, he takes his work seriously.

[ Laughter ] Do you like — what about other genres of horror movies?
What about, like, Chucky, the little doll? Or “leprechaun”? Do you like
the leprechaun?

Busta: Nah, I just think them kinda — those kinda, you know, killer
cats, they really had too much to talk about.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: You know, I’ve noticed it, too. Like, “leprechaun” — that guy’s
talking all the time.

Busta: No question.

Conan: His catchphrase is, “i want me gold.”

[ Laughter ] Which is ridiculous. He wants his gold. And he’s talking
all the time.

Busta: Yeah, talk too much.

Conan: Right. So you like the guys — hockey mask, don’t say a word,
get the job done.

Busta: The serious dudes, man.

Conan: Right, right.

[ Laughter ] Did you — did you do a lot of fighting in this movie?

Busta: I mean, they tried to do, you know, the little jet li spin-off
real quick.

Conan: Right.

Busta: You know, I think I handled my business. I leaned more in the
Bruce Lee direction, though.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: What about the guy who was mike myers? Did you guys have to practice
your fight scenes and everything? Did that go well?

Busta: Yeah, we had to get the fight sequence thing going. You know.
I had to show him how much of, you know, an ass beating he might receive
in advance.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Really? Did he ever — did you ever get him down? Did you ever
— you know, did you ever take him down or anything while you guys were

Busta: I mean, come on now. I ain’t givin’ that away. I need to make
sure you all go and see how it all goes down!

Conan: “See how it all goes down.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Busta: In the theater!

Conan: That’s fair enough.

[ Applause ] You never know what’s gonna happen. “Halloween: Resurrection”
opens this Friday.

Busta: Yes, indeed.

Conan: And before we go, the last thing I gotta mention is last time
you were here, you performed.

Busta: Right.

Conan: I’ve never seen somebody get a crowd goin’ like that. You jumped
up on those banisters over there, and you broke one.

[ Laughter ] You owe us the money. You better hand over that earring
right now.

[ Laughter ] Busta Rhymes, everybody!

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