Busta Rhymes Stops By TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday with his kids and Spliff Star from the Flip Mode Squad. Busta talked about his beef with Ja Rule, joining Eminem and 50 Cent. He also talked about ‘I Know What You Want’ and how he hooked up with Mariah Carey on the track. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Good to see you, my brother.

Busta: What’s good, what’s good?

TRL: I’m hearin’ —

Busta: I just broke the mic by accident.

TRL: That’s okay, that you are like family.

Busta: We breaknecks, mics, stages.

TRL: I’m hearing a lot of really good thing about you, eminem, 50 cent
you guys headed to the studio together, hearin’ awesome things about that.
How did you guys all hook up?


Busta: Uhm,.

TRL: You and 50 have the same management.

Busta: Yeah, no doubt big up to the whole

[Inaudible] Movement. Mos def I’ve been cool with eminem for a long
time and i got cool with 50 once heame to violator. The whole situation
about us hookin’ up together in the studio hasn’t actually happened yesterday
but ready to down, gettin’ ready to do things together. But as far as work
we have done together, we have done a little song together.

Busta: It’s a little song than a little a battle track called “hail
mary” we know why em and 50 have a beef with gentleman but a lot of people
surprised to here about you but —

Busta: Big up to my kids, ’cause i brought my kids today so you know
what I’m sayin’ the whole spring break situation my kids hangin’ out with
me today but what happened was me and splif just finish ad movie “blood
money “i an

[Inaudible] Flip mode film and when we was out there doin’ this film,
i — i was in a club in L.A.. I saw black chile from murder inc and mentioned
something happened with ja rule going to the studio and made a disrespectin’
gesture to me and had nothin’ to do with it. When i got home — i didn’t
actually hear the song when i got home my older son said why ja rule dissin’

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh.

TRL: Will y’all stop.

TRL: Let him finish. Break it all down.

TRL: Drama queen all of you.

Busta: I couldn’t really explain to my song because me and ja was cool,
in L.A., In studios, we worked together, did a lot of summer jams together,
did a lot of clubs together, we cool. Reached out several times to make
an attempt to understand the trouble. Couldn’t get through. Tried to get
through mutual people that he knows and he knows that has relationships
with both of us that maybe they had better luck gettin’ through, no luck.
I thought the issue had to be addressed especially i got my son dressin’
me wha’ssup so you know i just addressed issue and I’m glad people like
it but the focus is, the focus is music. And the thing is we havin’ fun.
No i don’t want to compromise my moral integrity in the process because
I’m a cool dude. If I give you love and embrace you and open your arms
give it back, if not just [Inaudible] Keep it on wax.


TRL: Yes, that video right there, no. 4, joined by busta rhymes is

[Inaudible] From the flip mode squad. The kids. Nice little family vibe

Busta: They is spring break so this week the kids off from school hang
sdeg out with they pops and the extended flip mode family. Talk to ’em.

TRL: He gonna learn to rap one of these days. Busta you guilt this new
individual where with mariah carey doin’ real well on this counseldown.
You could basically work with any diva on this planet. Why did you pick

Busta: They through a whole bunch of suggestions around, split came
up with suggestions, but ultimately the best was the one we didn’t make,
which was let’s just see how, you know, — let’s just see who the best
person would be to sing the part and it’s without question that mariah
is one of the best singers period, hands down.

Spliff Star: She’s voila, voila.

TRL: Well said.

Busta: And she’s sexy and —

TRL: You ain’t gonna get no argument with me.

Busta: What ‘up, mariah.

TRL: Talk about this tour, 50 and jay-z doin’ a rock the mic tour probably
the best hip-hop show we’ve seen all year.

Busta: Right, it’s good.

TRL: I heard you down for it.

Busta: For sure flip mode gonna be there runnin’ the circuit with the
line-up. You will matly i think the most important part no. 1 we ain’t
been accommodatein’ the fans thoroughly because we gettin’ caught up with
the beef records and the spits and spats between each other takin’ away
not only from us havin’ an opportunity to make money but the kids enjoyin’
what we doin’ and for the venues get a show worthwhile puttin’ in their
building, ha-ha but ultimately it is ju g good to see, you know

[Inaudible] Maturing putting differences aside, get together, and not
only a thorough representation of official street hip-hop for people but
make money together, man and be able to raise the stakes another standard

Spliff Star: Have some fun.

Busta: Have some fun.

Busta: You know what i mean.

TRL: Always good to have you on the show.

Busta: Thank you. Word ‘up.

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