Busta Rhymes ‘TRL’ Transcript

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live to tell Christmas stories to the crowd and talk about his new album. Busta also responded to Denzel Washington’s request to be in one of his next videos. Busta of course said, “I am so gonna take you up on it that that — that as of January 1, I’m gonna be literally havin’ my feet and hands in ya neck to make sure that you come into the next video.” Read on for a transcript.

Carson: say hi to Busta Rhymes


Carson: A little chilly ain’t it?

Busta: It is.

Carson: Let’s warm up a little bit.

Busta: What ‘up y’all what ‘up

Carson: Come say what ‘up to New York, too Busta Rhymes in the house to spread a little holiday cheer as you see the last-minute shoppers out on Broadway excited to see Mr. Busta Claus happy holidays.

Busta: To you too, baby.

Carson: Always good to have you on.

Busta: How have y’all been?


Busta: ‘Word up.

Carson: All y’all what you are doin’ for the holidays?

Busta: Uhm.

Carson: Are you going to be around or in town.

Busta: I’ll be in town runnin’ around havin’ a good time you know families to family crib havin’ a good time with the kids and takin’ it easy makin’
sure every house I go to bangin’ the new busta-bust album


Carson: What kind of stuff do you get, gear like

Busta: No ain’t nobody buy me no clothes


Busta: Most of the time like, uhm, I get like the most, weirdest g like
stuff I didn’t know what to do like my son will make something.

Carson: Like Legos.

Busta: I’ll appreciate it but he will really have to explain what the gift is all about. My mom just gives me an elmin’ amount of love and food and, you know what I’m sayin’. I get all of that, you know. I get the — the let’s just reminisce on the last couple years and just how the growth has transpired over the years and you know I get that. I don’t really get too many gifts like I used to but all of that family-oriented love.

Carson: The true spirit of Christmas and the spiked egg-nog


Busta: Definitely word up.

Carson: A movie called “Narc” everybody talkin’ about and were you in you were great in the others. When you scripts how do you select it? You are
like in really, really cool movies.

Busta: Thank you, sir ‘appreciate that, sir.

Carson: You’re more than welcome.

Busta: I got to attribute that it my acting coach, my acting agent, they go through the scripts and make sure by the time I get a synopsis of the script it ain’t somethin’ I’ll be bored with readin’.

Carson: Check out the album in stores yeah,’s right


Carson: You’ve got “narc” out, you’ll read Christmas rhymes here on TRL.

Busta: Yeah, yeah.

Carson: We’ll get to all of that in a sec but let’s watch b2k “bump,
bump, bump” at no. 6 with Busta-bust right here on TRL


Busta: Let’s doll it!


Carson: The B2K boys there this is Busta-bust it was 5 on Friday


Carson: Ha-ha. Wha’ssup to

Carson: All right. Naughty or nice put up this “Holla Back” we just
got about B2K we can read it for naughty or nice:

Carson: There you go, b2k right up there with Sum 41 being very, very naughty


Busta: Ai’ight.

Carson: And Busta Rhymes will pick the next one to be naughty or nice after we play this down pass the mic have done this Denzel Washington our
last guest has a question for you.

Busta: Right.

Carson: He has a question for you.

Busta: Listen Busta-bust put your boy in a video, why don’t you put
me in a video, man put me in your video, Jamie Foxx you got in there.

Carson: There you go. Quite the director.

Busta: No doubt first and foremost definitely congratulate Denzel Washington on his directorial debut with the “Anwone Fisher Story” and to answer your question general Denzel we salute you tremendously, sir I’ll gonna so take you up on that puttin’ you in the next video. I am so gonna take you up on it that that — that as of January 1, I’m gonna be literally havin’ my feet and hands in ya neck to make sure that you come into the next video.

Busta: Dress him up like a pimp on the street, big — big hat.

Busta: ‘Word ‘up strutin’ like a g-o-d

Carson: Busta our next guest Britney Murphy and Ashton Kutcher they will be here Friday would you like to ask them a question we’ll pass the
mic and continue the flow.

Busta: ‘Cool. Let’s do it quickly. Congratulations on your new movie
so on and so forth. My question to y’all is bein’ I got a new movie comin’ out, you know, do y’all think that y’all movie is gonna be able to stand a chance against my movie?!

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhhh

Carson: All right.

Busta: There.

Carson: We’ll play that down for them momentarily.

Busta: See how y’all answer that when y’all get up here


Carson: Christina is our next artist. , Are you okay I think the fireplace is tomb hot.

Busta: I know I’m gettin’ warm I don’t mind that heat.

Carson: Christina Aguilera bust she’s been naughty with Dirrty came
back with “Beautiful” you gotta pick naughty or nice for her over all.

Busta: Yeah, yeah I got to agree with the whole audience today she’s
definitely been — in the grime, naughty girl over there, you can’t even front


Busta: Ha-ha.

Carson: Ya, but sometimes — sometimes it is nice to be naughty.

Busta: Right. I ain’t nin’.

Tellin’ the truth thousand is.

Carson: Let’s get to “beautiful” Christina Aguilera the very naughty,
according to Busta Rhymes at 5


Carson: Christina, naughty “Beautiful” no. 5. Now is the time, a new
chapter in the TRL tradition we showed you clips of both snoop and Redman’s
renditions of our holiday classics now time for our good friend Busta Rhymes we’ll turn it to him now with his posse here let’s get in the holiday spirit here is Busta Rhymes’ version of “Twas the night before Christmas” Busta Rhymes, everybody


Busta: It was the night before Kris-mass and just when you thought everything was sweet, we had to re-route the wiring in the crib to steal the next
door neighbors’ heat


Busta: You know not a creature was stirin’, movin’ around, not a ‘roach, not a mouse you know what I mean? Stockings was hung by the biggest smoky this the crib which is known as the chimney


Busta: So

[Background music] In hopes that you know st. Busta-bust would soon be here, you know, the children was pretty much all bundled up, snuggled
in their heads with visions of Busta Rhymes dancin’ around in they head so you know mama and a kerchief and any my cap had just settled down for a long winter nap ’cause I ain’t want to good to sleep she tried to put her hand slap on my little rear-end


Busta: For most part when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see couple girls was in the front yard makin’ it clap doin’ the chitter chatter


Busta: Now away to the window I flew like a flash tore open the shutters and through open the sash we all know how the rest of that goes so we just gonna keep hoofin’ ’cause you know I kinda want to get to the end of the


Busta: In any event he spoke not a word but went straight to his work
and filled all the stockin’s then turned with a jerk and laying a finger aside of his nose I personally thought he was diggin’ a little critter up out of his nose


Busta: But in any event givin’ a nod up the chimney, he rose. He sprang to his sleigh of his team, gave a whistle — away they all flew like the down of a thistle but I heard him ex clain when he drove out of sight happy Christmas Busta Rhymes flip mode squad and to all a good night!


Busta: Yeah!

[Background music]

Carson: Merry Christmas Busta-bust thank you very, very much.

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