Busta Rhymes Visits TRL

stopped by MTV’s Video Music Awards edition of Total Request Live from the Video Music Awards on Thursday. Busta talked to Carson Daly and Christina Milian about how he’s been losing weight lately and his acting gigs. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Christina milian is here, and we found our good friend buster
rhymes who is looking like he’s boggsing. Have you been in the gym or something?

Busta: I ain’t bulking yet. I’m trying to shave off the excess swollen

Carson: Okay.

Carson: Why question passin’ it too much?

Busta: A little too much. My thing started carrying on. I see my —
the jeans, went up about a waistline size or two. It wasn’t sexy no more.
I want to be able to go on the stage and take my little shirt off like
i used to do it.

Carson:  All right.

Busta: You know what I mean? Sexy form real quick.

Christina: You were doing movies and stuff, right?

Busta: Yeah, having a lot of fun with that, actually. Halloween came
out. Did a sting. That was fun. I can’t even — I have no idea that the
way the horror flicks jumpoffs happen usually happen the way they happen,
but it was a little unfortunate the way i was able to see the way they
pull off certain antics behind the scenes, because it kind of spoiled the
cutting edge.

Carson: Right.

Busta: But at the end of the day, the consumer still got it the way
they’re supposed to get and it that’s the best part, finished product.

Carson: Busta, here we are again, yet another vma, with eminem, with
shakira, with new artists like avril lavigne. We’ve got the veterans. Hip-hop
always surges through.

Busta: We usually going supercede any turning poit the end of the day
regardless, so it’s just about making sure we move forward, keeping the
fire for the street, fiery, and just having fun with the gang.

Carson: It’s always fun when busta bust is in the house.

Busta: Good seeing you.

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