Cam’ron Addresses Nas Beef


Following ’ diss of Cam’ron last month on Power 105.1, the ‘Oh Boy!’ rapper responded to On the Nas comment that his ‘Oh Boy!’ hit was “whack”, Cam’ron replied, “That’s his opinion. I don’t care. I just keep doing what I want to do.” And as for his response diss track, which includes an offensive line about Nas’ daughter, he justified, “It was a basically a defense for what he said about me.”

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One thought on “Cam’ron Addresses Nas Beef

  1. kisha says:

    I respect Nas and Cam’ron but I’m a ride or die Nas fan. Cam usually acts straight but calling out a man’s family, especially daughter just because he stated a negative opinion about a song is so childish and at the same time a bad move. I’m glad Cam apologized as a grown man that he is. I hate to see Nas and Cam beef, I want them to be cool. Shouts to the realest: NAS!!! and go cop Killa’s new album Crime Pays!!! NOTHING BUT LOVE TO THE BOTH !

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