Cam’ron Claims Hova Was Trying To Dig Up Dirt On Him

On Wednesday (January 25), Cam’ron told reporters the diss track ‘You Got It’ stemmed from Jay’s ‘I Declare War’ concert held last October, where talk was that Jay was going to lyrically attack Cam and his Diplomats crew, but never did. “Sources I don’t want to reveal, which are very, very good sources, that know both parties, was telling me [Jay] was in the streets trying to get old information on us,” he told MTV News. “Goin’ reaching and looking for Catholic school pictures and footage of times me and Jim [Jones] was in fights and got jumped. When you’re looking that hard, I can’t ignore it and sit there and ignore everything. I did say that [I would not be going at Jay], but then street speculation kinda forced me to do it.” Read more.

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