Cam’ron Covers Cyndi Lauper On ‘Purple Haze’

MTV News spoke with Cam’ron about his new album ‘Purple Haze’, which will include a remake of the Cyndi Lauper hit, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’. “The way I wrote [my] ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ it was it was a [sequel] to ‘Stop Calling’ off my last album,” Cam explained, referring to 2002’s ‘Come Home With Me’. “The dude keeps calling me, asking about his girl and where she’s at. The treatment for the new video is that she’s on the boat with us. We’ve got a Diplomat cruise going on. He’s in a raft chasing the boat. He’s [hand-]cuffing the chick and we’re just like, ‘Yo, let her be her. Let the girl do what she’s gonna do’.” Read more.

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