Cam’ron Set Up As Declining Moral Values Fall Guy?

Minister Paul Scott weighed in on Cam’ron’s appearance on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday, a move many see as another negative blow for hip hop in wake of plummeting album sales and post Imus scrutiny rappers and music execs have faced. “Let’s face it. It was ill advised, (or for the less politically suave, down right dumb) for Cam to say that he wouldn’t turn in a serial killer livin’ in the crib next to his, while Ethel Lou in Topeka was still shook from the story about the Virginia Tech shooter,” he writes. “However, in reality it was a set up that stank to high heaven. White America needed a new mainstream poster child to blame for the deterioration of America’s moral values and Cam’ron gave it to them, signed, sealed delivered and decorated with a golden eagle medallion.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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