Candi Carter Discusses ‘It’s Hip Hop Baby!’ Educational DVD Series

It may be possible for your child to get smarter faster with the help of Hip Hop music. Candi Carter, the creator of a new educational DVD series, visited ‘Good Day Tampa Bay’ to talk about how “It’s Hip Hop Baby!” works. Carter said she developed the system attempting to get her son, who has a speech delay, to get him to learn faster.

The interview video at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Candi Carter Discusses ‘It’s Hip Hop Baby!’ Educational DVD Series

  1. mouse says:

    Dear Mrs carter, I don’t know! how may times
    I can say thank you for what you are doing.
    I’m 54 years old, and when I was growing up, there
    was a show that came on Saturday morning that
    used music to talk about English ,math
    and other subjects. over the last 10 years,
    I’ve noticed all the little kids could sing
    all the songs to hip-hop music, but could not
    tell you the answer to what is 2+2 equal.
    and you won’t believe! How many letters
    I have written to different people over the
    years, hoping that some one would start
    making hip -hop music to math, English
    and other subjects, to make it easier and
    a lot more fun for the kids to learn. please keep
    doing what you are doing and I hope that this
    idea spreads. Thank you mouse

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